Double Cleansing Is The Foundation Of Glorious Skin

All my team will tell you that a great skincare regime starts with cleansing your face twice. It’s THE fundamental rule of any good skincare routine and is essential if you wear makeup and sunscreen (the latter should be all of you – FYI(!)) 

Smiling woman cleansing skin

Why double cleanse? Well, it’s important to remove the build-up of dirt and environmental pollutants at the end of your day. If you don’t thoroughly cleanse your skin at night, you will experience two problems:

1. The build up dirt will increase the likelihood of breakouts and skin infections.

2. Your active skincare products will not be able to penetrate your skin and deliver the benefits you desire.

And we will want smooth, glowing radiant skin – right?

My Double Cleansing Routine


Apply CLEANSE to damp skin, gently massage and remove with a damp cloth for your first cleanse. This gentle cleanser will leave your skin clean and fresh, removing all make-up and grime from the day.


REVEAL is exfoliating cleanser perfect for your second cleanse. Apply to your damp skin, gently massage to create foam then leave to work for 2 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry.

The active ingredients of, 5% Glycolic and 2% Salicylic foaming acid, in REVEAL will remove the build-up of your dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil and prepare your skin to absorb the active ingredients of your overnight routine serums (However, do not use this product around the eyes where it would be too harsh.)

Now you are ready to apply the hero products to feed and fortify your skin such as a Retinol or Vitamin C serum.

Do this every night and you will start to see a visible difference in your skin within 2 weeks.

Purchase a Double Cleanse Pack for you and start your journey to a brighter, healthier complexion.

Happy double cleansing!

Victoria X