Simple Skincare That Works

We often don't have the time to invest in a complex morning skincare regime, before rushing off to do the school drop off or to get to work on time - nor the inclination to indulge in a lengthy pre-bed beauty routine. But we all want great skin that gives us the confidence to face the world, particularly as we get older.

It was this conundrum that led me to launch my own skincare range a few years ago. Using cutting-edge, clinically-proven active ingredients my DRVICTORIA brand is a capsule skincare range with 11 effective products that can be used in combination in one of five effective daily routines: Age Prevention for under 35s, Pro Ageing for over 35s, Nourish your skin from 50, and Even tone and minimise pores.

By selecting a simple solution according to your skin type, you’re giving your skin what it needs to flourish. I believe that a skincare regime should work in synergy with your life, and I see a lot of women at my clinic with red, irritated skin from using different products from different ranges. I believe it's unnecessary to over-treat or over-load the skin to be effective. My range is a simple, pleasurable way of looking after and revitalising your skin, giving you that wished-for, radiant glow.

It was also very important to me that these products were cruelty-free, marine friendly and environmentally friendly.  Manufactured in the UK, we will never involve any form of animal testing in the development of the range, no plastic microbeads are used and no animal products, derivatives or by-products are used in our products.

Discover your routine and watch as your skin responds by becoming brighter and smoother with fewer lines and visible pores – your journey to radiant, glowing skin starts here!

Victoria X