Business For Good

Our skincare makes a difference to our clients lives and we believe in making a positive difference to our world.

Which is why we are a Business for Good Partner with the Global Giving Initiative B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1).

It means that every time you place an order for skincare we provide access to a days training in sustainable farming for former loggers in Indonesia.

Logging the rainforest is a dangerous job that takes them away from their family and compromises our environment. Loggers in Indonesia know this, but often have no alternative livelihood.

By teaching farmers sustainable farming techniques like crop rotation and using organic fertilizers and pesticides, these farmers no longer have to practice slash and burn agriculture, but can farm the same land year after year.

By helping to train farmers in sustainable farming techniques, we and you help protect the rainforest and improve their well-being.

Training a farmer in sustainable farming